Amazon Enhanced Brand Content: A Complete Guide

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) or A+ Content, enables brand owners to describe product features in an advanced way. This content can add detailed descriptions, charts, videos, high-quality images, and custom copy (e.g., brand stories) within the same Amazon A+ page.

It makes it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for and understand how the product works better than ever before. Additionally, this content can help increase sales by providing customers with more information about the product and making buying decisions easier overall.

What is Premium A+ Content?

Premium A+ content is also known as A++ content as it’s added onto the A+ content. With an incredibly appealing structure, A++ content focus on imagery, charts, and videos as the use of text is reduced due to strict character limit.

A++ content enables the sellers to showcase their products or services in the most modern and innovative way possible and that too with added interactive functionalities.  The hovering-over feature, clickable FAQs, and detailed comparison charts help the brand stores to stay ahead of the competitors.

Seller Requirement for Amazon A+ Content

Every seller on the Amazon marketplace would like to take advantage of the Enhanced brand content but there are specific requirements that you need to fulfill.

First, if you have not registered your brand on Amazon, apply for a brand registry right away. The information you need for the brand registry includes:

·         Your Trademarked Brand Name

·         Brand Serial Number

·         List of Manufacturing Countries

·         Countries Where You will be Delivering

·         Product Images with Brand Name on it

·         Product Label Image with Brand Logo

·         Plain Product Image

Once you have provided all the information, the Amazon team will take one week to review and validate the data and respond to your request. After your brand is registered on Amazon, you can leverage the power of Amazon EBC services and grow your business substantially.


Difference Between A+ and Premium A+ Content?

Enhanced Brand Content (A+ Content)

Premium Content (A++ Content)

Free for Amazon Registered Brands

Invite Only Feature (Paid)

5 Modules Allowed Per Page

7 Modules Allowed Per page

Content Width: 970Pixels Max

Content Width: 1464Pixels Max

Conversion Rate: 3-10%

Conversion Rate: 15%

Standard Modules: 17
Premium Modules: 0

Standard Modules: 17
Premium Modules: 17


Best Practices of Enhanced Brand Content

Whether you’re hiring Amazon ranking services or planning to design enhanced brand content yourself, here are some best practices to take into account:

·         While designing creatives for product features, avoid adding too much text. Only add the necessary information in the most readable way possible. Always keep quality over quantity.

·         Know every bit of the product listed on your Amazon Brand store. Write detailed frequently asked questions and ensure every critical query is tackled.

·         The crucial part of your enhanced brand content is your Images. Keep the size recommendation in mind and design high-resolution professional and relevant creatives with clear product images.

·         Do your research before selecting an EBC template. Your template should complement the products you’re selling on your Amazon brand store.

·         Don’t go over the board by applying EBC on all of your listings. Test and try 1-2 listings with brand content and if you gain desired results, you can repeat the strategy for the rest of the products.

Advantages of Amazon EBC Services

·         Increased Conversion Rates

Conversion rate is one of the most important factors when it comes to Amazon product listing. There’s no point in driving the traffic to your brand store if it’s not converting. According to Amazon’s claim, if you effectively implement the enhanced brand content in your store, it will increase traffic and ultimately your conversion rate. The high-quality clear images will help customers to take clear decisions and finally press the buy button.

·         Reduced Returns and Refund

When you clearly state the product specifications and display clean and transparent images, customers can make informed decisions. That will reduce the need to return the product or ask for a refund.

·         Improved Shopping Experience

Amazon EBC services help to create a visually appealing storefront and it enhances the shopping experience of the visiting customers.  Whether it’s a catchy slogan, a full-screen product image, product features in bullets, or a product description video, everything adds up to satisfy your customer’s shopping needs.

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