How to Become Amazon Virtual Assistant

While effortlessly surfing and scrolling through social media, you might hear the term “Virtual Assistant”. During Covid-19 Pandemic when many businesses were facing downtime, Virtual assistant businesses boomed and increased by 41%. In this blog, we are going to be talking about Amazon Virtual Assistants, who are they, why people hire them, and what are the major tasks delegated to them. So, if you’re someone who wants to join this force of Amazon Virtual Assistant, keep on reading.

What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Amazon Virtual Assistant is an expert working remotely to run your Amazon business smoothly and efficiently. An Amazon VA is hired on a part-time or full-time basis depending on the services the client wants to outsource and the time required to complete the required tasks. The payment methods are usually pay-per-hour or per-job basis.

There’s no cap on the skills and expertise of an Amazon VA. They can work on hunting products for clients, run PPC campaigns, or manage customer service. The objective of hiring an Amazon assistant is to get extended help to do business, delegate time-consuming tasks, and ultimately grow the Amazon business.

Reasons to Hire Amazon Virtual Assistant

Technical and Creative Support

Whether it’s a full-time business or a side hassle, every Amazon seller requires a Virtual assistant to support technical and creative tasks. Amazon virtual assistants help their clients in follow-ups from sales, managing their emails, responding to customer queries, or optimizing their product listings.


Time is money and if you’re spending most of your time doing administrative tasks on the Amazon store, the potential to grow your business will be lost. Rather than hiring a full-time employee, hiring an Amazon virtual assistant on a per hour/project basis will be cost-efficient and effective for your business.  Moreover, you will get a chance to focus on business growth after delegating the administrative tasks to your virtual assistant.

Business Research

Amazon virtual assistants are the experts with loads of experience to do business research. They can help Amazon sellers to find the right products, narrow the sourcing options, or performing competitor analysis.  It can cut down a lot of your workload.


Who would mind an extra hand to complete the tasks before the deadline right? Amazon virtual assistant can facilitate you to complete the orders, do follow-ups with sourcing partners, create lengthy product listings, or any other time-eating tasks.


Many Amazon sellers try to fill the skill gaps by working on functions outside their expertise and that causes exhaustion. Hiring an Amazon virtual assistant can aid you to take some time off, spending time with family, planning a vacation, and relaxing!

Responsibilities of an Amazon Virtual Assistant

Are you wondering what skills you need to become an Amazon Virtual Assistant? We have gathered all the information you need to kick start your career as VA using these hot selling skills.

Amazon Product Hunting

The most popular service on all freelancing platforms related to amazon business is product hunting. Amazon sellers hire a virtual assistant to research little competition, high-profit margin, easy-to-source, easy-to-ship, and high in-demand products. Your job will be to find a winning product that can generate high sales and increase the client’s return on investment.

Sourcing and Logistics

After finding the right product, sellers need a trusted supplier to source the product for the Amazon store. Products can be sourced through various means like dropshipping, wholesale dealers, or manufacturers. The renowned platform for sourcing products is Alibaba which allows you to check supplier’s trade assurance, reviews, or their gold supplier badge to mitigate the risk of fraud and ensure buyer satisfaction. Logistics is a tricky part! If you want to be a successful Amazon virtual assistant, make sure to develop your skills in writing legal contracts, patent infractions, managing custom costs, and fulfilling product safety requirements.

Product Listing

Once you have researched and sourced the product, the difficult part is done. Now you need to make these products visible to your customers. Amazon virtual assistants are hired to create detailed and optimized listings to convert the store visitors to customers. You need to master a few things to create listings that will stand out from the crowd:

  • A detailed product description
  • Well-research keywords to drive traffic
  • Product creatives to capture the attention
  • SEO Optimized title
  • Accurate dimensions of the product (Size, weight, etc.)
  • Features and variations of the products

PPC Campaigns for Advertisement

Here’s some good news for you. The market for Amazon advertisement experts is not saturated yet. That means the competition will be very low and you can acquire clients by showcasing your skills and experience. Amazon advertisement campaigns work on a cost-per-click model where the seller gets charged a small fee when a buyer clicks on the ad. To optimize your PPC campaign and research the keywords tools like Jungle-scout and Helium-10 can be of great help. To educate and empower the sellers, Amazon offers free Advertisement Certification on the Amazon learning console where you can understand the sponsored products and display ads as well as sponsored brand models.

Customer Service Management

Customer support is an integral part of the business on Amazon. Amazon VA should have patience and polished communication skills to offer this service. This service demands to respond to the customer’s queries via email or phone call to keep them satisfied and content. If you’re ready to be an amazon virtual assistant or level up your own amazon business, these competencies will make you very marketable!

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