What is Amazon Listing Optimization?


What is Amazon Listing Optimization?

Amazon Listing Optimization is increasing your ranking to help get higher conversions. By maximizing your client conversion rate, you can get two important things for your listings and business.


If you optimize the listing, then it will lead to maximize sales and revenue. Whether the number of guests to your listing remains the same, good content naturally leads to better conversion and sales.


Amazon firmly rewards listings that are more profitable at converting clients. The best listings rank higher in client searches on Amazon, and therefore, are identified by more purchasers and generate even more sales.


Amazon’s Product Listing Can Be Divided into Eight Different Parts:
1. Product title
2. Product images
3. Key product features
4. Product description
5. Keywords
6. Search terms fields
7. Product reviews
8. Product rating
We build listings that speak to users As a consumer-based search engine, Amazon aims to ensure that once consumers search for a product, they show compatible listings that attract them to buy. Amazon is a business, and its fundamental intention is to promote as many goods as it could to as many customers as it may.
It comes to reason that the listings that enchantment most to Amazon are also people who appeal most to clients.
The more profitable a listing is among buyers, we made the extra conversions and income each for the vendor and amazon.
Therefore, Amazon designs its set of rules and search engine optimization practices to praise listings that first-class serve consumers. Amazon offers dealers several keys content material areas that may lure buyers and optimize product listings–name, bullet points, product description, images, videos, A+ content, and back-end search terms.

What is Amazon PPC?


The Question Arises: What is Amazon PPC Management?

Amazon PPC Campaigns are one of the elementary components of a successful listing. When accomplished effectively, Amazon PPC can grow your visibility and scale your enterprise. Amazon marketing can quickly turn out to be overwhelming and hard without good management. With rising marketing prices, ill-managed manual campaigns, and not a logical approach, the amount of effort and time can become challenging for many dealers. Amazon sponsored Ads management gives strategic solutions for your amazon products. Our Amazon Sponsored Ads managers develop campaigns also known as Amazon PPC, especially catered to your marketplace to maintain and enhance your profit on Amazon, even as keeping your prices low.


For building an effective presence for your product on Amazon, advertising well-made product listings aren’t enough. You require getting your items out there. The best way to do this is to take the benefit of foolproof solutions provided on sellers central.


Coping with the complete technique requires comprehensive know-how of the amazon platform. Given its algorithm, putting sponsored display advertisements can prove elaborate. That’s why, to reduce dangers even as boosting benefits, depart the advert marketing campaign management to our specialists.


We use our marketing and advertising expertise to reach out to your clients in the specific way possible. We aim to communicate your brand’s advantages at each step of the manner—from promoting brand cognizance to boosting conversion costs for the duration of the shopping stage and building a stable client base by encouraging loyalty.
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We will help you get your business found online, look great and convert visitors into clients or leads, a core part of our service is amazon management and optimization

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What Does Amazon Account Manager Do?


What does an Amazon Account Manager do?

Amazon provides its sellers with several remarkable opportunities grow their sales and visibility and then develop their brand presence online. Any Amazon seller needs help to focus more on their operational success as well-trained account managers amazon carry out the tiresome tasks of managing the e-commerce account well in the Amazon marketplace. Our account managers amazon are well-trained in several layers of the amazon marketplace to achieve the goal efficiently. They are skillful with the current policies of Amazon Account management, taking the business towards development while preventing any risk. In the e-commerce world, it is necessary for companies to appoint professional/experienced account managers who support them to attain their goals in an affordable as well as convenient manner. Our account managers are aware of the current tools, software, and strategies for rightly handling the e-commerce account.The Tasks Performed By Our Qualified And Well-Trained Amazon Account Managers Are:

Amazon Seller Account Creation:

If you want to become an Amazon seller, then you must set up your seller account. Know about your Amazon seller goals, determining what particular product need sell, we consider the best category you fit. Even if you have specified registering as a professional or an individual dealer or require us to provide a diagnostic assessment of which one suits your projection best, we are well-trained to get you started in the proper position. We make your Amazon account managing the complete process of registering, proceeding further to the product listing, etc.

Amazon Product Listing:

Product listing is an essential assignment that permits the organization to add the products to the Amazon catalog and provide descriptions, basic features, and images of the item take much time.The account managers of Amazon carefully make a catalog for every product, choosing out every SKU, its editions, and pix list those merchandise in bulk using flat record templates promptly save companies a vital measure of their time.

Order processing

our amazon account management experts manipulate orders and manner them right away. They deal with every order at the same time as additionally dealing with the delivery and invoicing. They prepare reports of orders to help companies with helpful insights to outline significant enterprise choices.

Stock Control

Stock plays a vital role in e-commerce that can make or break one’s reputation in the industry. If the product is unavailable for buy, the sale reduces, the product ranking is going down, and hinders the brand negatively. Our account managers of Amazon marketplace display the inventory periodically and speak with the seller to fill up the supply as needed.

Return/Refund Management

Amazon marketplace offers wide precedence to shoppers and urges the dealers to return/refund any product if the customer needs. Our experts manage the returns and speak with purchaser provoke the refund easily build brand’s credibility that affects extra sales.

How Do I Directly Contact eBay Customer Service


How Do We Contact eBay Customer Service?

It was additionally possible one time email eBay without delay out your private email account the usage of convenient addresses. Over time, however, eBay has come to be tough to contact.
The Methods of Contact That Have Gone It’s far authentic that channels that were available to attain eBay were step by step buried deeper and deeper inside the eBay pages and have been discontinued on the principle U.S. (ebay.Com) website online. These incorporate the following:
Live Chat: eBay, at one degree, had a live chat device that was prominently located on each eBay web page. But, hyperlinks were later buried in help pages and, presently, eBay’s live chat is formally dead.

Direct E-mail

It was additionally possible at one time to email eBay without delay out of your private email account the usage of convenient addresses. That is a good way to contact phone number eBay customer service.

With the E-mail Through A Web Form

To attain phone number eBay customer service directly, strive the eBay web form on hand from the “help” web page. It’ll ask you to check-in, however, be careful. You could attain an error message in case you already signed in while you opened the tool. So, you could have to sign out after which you check in again as you navigate the device, but you have to be provided a web form that reaches an email container inside eBay’s customer support department. Unluckily, eBay avoid or provide canned responses pointing to their automated tools in reaction to an email sent this manner. That said, it’s far really worth trying. That said, it’s far really worth trying.

Via Cell Phone

In case you are not partial to smartphone customer support, you may only have to chunk the bullet and place a call, however. Despite the fact that live chat links and email hyperlinks were scattered through the automatic gadget, now all alternatives either point to different tools or to a link that gives an eBay telephone quantity and pin. In case use, you’ll able to talk to a human about your trouble after an indeterminate hold time.
If the automatic device does no longer provide you with a “have us name you” link for the issue you selected, simply re-go to the contact eBay tool and randomly pick out any other trouble — maximum of them now lead to a “have us call you” link, or you may acquire that opportunity at the bottom of the page. Despite the fact that there is no surety that eBay dealers may be accommodating enough to deal with your difficulty if you begin with sought records on a unique issue, you can find someone who can factor you inside the proper path.

Other Options to Contacting eBay

For plenty of troubles, contacting eBay immediately won’t be your first-rate option.

The eBay network sturdy one, and,  many cases, you’re much more likely get beneficial solutions of going to the following:

Handling Social Media

In case you acquire a virtual assistant for your Amazon FBA Business who’s skilled with managing social media, you can make them help you with replying to messages or feedback, posting, or even placing together paid advertising and marketing campaigns. You could as properly have your amazon digital assistant capturing your outcomes on social media, making ready reviews, and commonly help you to live on the pinnacle of what’s working and what isn’t.

EBay Dialogue Boards 

If your question is category-unique or location-particular, you’ll probably get affordable help or answers from people that tend to understand extra than eBay’s personal customer service representatives by posting on eBay’s discussion forums.

EBay Expertise Base

This is also real for eBay’s knowledge base, previously known as the answer center, which is largely eBay’s shadow customer support system, powered by means of the eBay network and some eBay staffers that pop in and post from time to time. The knowledge base is straightforward to use and extra useful in many cases than eBay customer service.

How to Measure Your Amazon FBA Business With An Amazon VA

How to Measure Your Amazon FBA Business with an Amazon VA

Amazon FBA Business

What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Here you’ll get useful information helps you develop your eCommerce team whether you feel it’s the right time for you. We’ll tell you about how these virtual assistants work and how they perform their tasks. A virtual assistant (VA) is somebody who performs their tasks remotely for your amazon fba business, in amazon terms. They can either be hired for 24 hours, part-time, or on a casual (such as per task) basis. There are numerous responsibilities a VA can do, from admin content creation, managing social media, and something creativity stretches to.

What Does An Amazon VA Do For You?

A virtual assistant is somebody who presents administrative help to business holders online/offsite. Amazon digital assistants include an array of abilities and undergo complicated training. They perform different tasks to assist save your time so you can develop your amazon enterprise. VAs come from an array of disciplines throughout the professional, business, instructional, technical, and help sectors. Maximum virtual assistants work different kinds of customers from across the country they live in or from around the universe.

That’s why every digital help provider company has a distinctive package deal for every enterprise. At the same time, they’ll have hourly packages setup or staff rates too. If you are promoting products or services online on amazon, then amazon digital assistants will do their work for you. As an example, they are wonderful at tasks including filling orders, making pages of products, posting product info, also handling social media responsibilities, and so on.
Here Are A Few Responsibilities In Which VA Can Help You Out:

Amazon Listing Optimization

There are some types issues stand with amazon product listings, you may locate you dive into any of vendor forums. The difficulty for FBA holders is that you could have so much passed off to your commercial enterprise that you actually don’t have time to manage any list troubles, or you’ve masses of products listed and don’t observe in a timely fashion whilst something is up. Hiring an Amazon virtual assistant will be a tremendous support for monitoring your product listings and taking note of what’s taking place. As an instance, an amazon virtual assistant could probably note when inventory is turning stale and want to be bought off while there’s an unexpected drop in sales for an object which calls for an adjustment to the list or price, or maybe just whilst listings may want to do with an update with snapshots or text.

Product Sourcing

Customer service may be a massive issue of how your time is spent on your Amazon FBA Business. You may be answering numerous questions about amazon, responding to remarks, or managing any way of customer support problem through email. This is a process that continuously should be executed, so in case you’re not delegating it out to an amazon virtual assistant, you’re going to be spending masses of time dealing with it yourself.

Handling Social Media 

In case you acquire a virtual assistant for your Amazon FBA Business who’s skilled with managing social media, you can make them help you with replying to messages or feedback, posting, or even placing together paid advertising and marketing campaigns. You could as properly have your amazon digital assistant capturing your outcomes on social media, making ready reviews, and commonly help you to live on the pinnacle of what’s working and what isn’t.

Website Designing 

Another key feature of your Amazon FBA Business net store is the pics that show off your item. It’s an identified matter that in maximum instances, the more snapshots you’ve for your item, the better it is. This suggests you couldn’t simply take an image of your product with your cell telephone and choice for the fine. This indicates outsourcing to a digital assistant that can frame your product within the exceptional quality

How to Avoid eBay Scams

How to Avoid eBay Scams

How to Avoid 5 eBay Scams

Fraudsters will use any reachable platform to trick harmless people out of their cash or items, and eBay is not any exception. The digital marketing website released in 1995 and deceivers has used it ever since. eBay includes a lot of trust on behalf of the customer and the vendor, however, it’s exceedingly smooth for that belief to be exploited. The enterprise has put in some safeguards, however, you could do lots to save yourself as an eBay user.
This manual will tell you approximately the most unique eBay scams, what to search for, and how to save yourself. A few are focused on customers, others on dealers. When you have been scammed, we’ll display you the steps you can take to document it.

What Is An eBay Scams?

Much like different scams on craigslist or Facebook, (FB) – get report eBay scams are commonly targeted at customers who’re too trusting or aren’t as attentive as they ought to be when enacting enterprise transactions. However, there’s no shame – online scams have notoriously gotten more state-of-the-art as time has gone.
With the myriad of ways net scammers can trick you from your cash and items, it’s becoming increasingly more essential to recognize the threats and understand the way to act. So, what are a few of the primary eBay scams?
Promoted listing fees

An Incorrect Name On The Label

This rip-off is smart due to the fact the deceit occurs offline after the eBay transaction is complete. After finishing the sale commonly, the vendor will publish the package with the accurate address, however, the name is incorrect. This leads you as the purchaser to think you’ve got someone else’s parcel by means of mistake, and you back it or take it to return to the post office.
The eBay transaction is listed as refused or back, the seller attains the product again and keeps the fee, too. There’s no opportunity to disagree with a transaction once it’s finalized in this manner.

Over Payment Offer

Whether you have a product for sale, a potential seller might be in touch with you and offer to pay over the actual price for it. First of all, it may look foolish to pass up a good offer, however, frequently it’s a trap.
The purchaser may be paid with a fake cheque. You send the products immediately, however, after a few days you find that the cheque bounces and you have nothing.

Missing Transactions

You may be bidding on a product on eBay and it all at once disappears – however, in preference to transferring on, the vendor emails you describing how a technical problem with eBay caused the listing to be removed, or which you were the best bidder and got the object.

The scammer will send you guidance for a way to finish the purchase thru email, but in truth, the vendor turned into both suspended by way of eBay or is trying to rip-off you over email without the oversight of eBay pointers. If you want to remain safe, avoid these products that are no longer listed and protect yourself from the trouble.

Fake Paypal Account

A few consumers on eBay may set up a fake PayPal account or have a faux PayPal affirmation email created to trick you into thinking they have got paid for the products you offered – after you’ve offered it to them.

Unluckily, the most effective real way to avoid this rip-off is to check your PayPal balance immediately and no longer to click any links within the confirmation email. In this manner, you may see in the event that they’ve really paid you without compromising your protection by opening any sketchy links.

The Empty Box

That is a scam to look at in case you are searching out a highly popular object that is producing quite a few media interests, has a restricted launch, or is hard to get somewhere else.
You can see a coveted object for sale and quickly purchase it, from time to time paying above market price to at ease it. Unluckily, within the rush, you may have didn’t be aware that the listing only certain the box the object got herein, no longer the object itself.
You emerge as proudly owning highly-priced packaging, without the desired product

How to Start Selling On Amazon?

How to Start Selling On Amazon?

How to Start profitable Selling On Amazon?

At Amazon, we obsess over clients. And our consumers need a dependent on a trusted objective wherein they can buy an extensive type of items—that is what makes sellers such as you so vital. We’re always searching out ways to add value for our clients and be earth’s maximum patron-centric organization. As an Amazon vendor, you take an element in presenting the clients with better selection, higher charges, and a top-notch consumer experience.

The Way to Sign Up

With two selling plans (they’re referred to as personal and professional, but you could think of them as popular and top class), amazon offers you the ability to sell one item or sell lots. Earlier than you begin registration, determine which plan is a better fit for your commercial enterprise.

The individual plan expenses $0.99 in keeping with the sale, whilst dealers using the expert plan pay $39.99 consistent with the month, irrespective of what number of gadgets they sell. If you sell more than forty products a month, the professional alternative makes a lot of experience. Whichever plan you pick out, don’t fear about making the incorrect desire—you can change plans at any time.

What you’ll want to Get Began

So as to finish your registration, make certain you have access to:

1) Bank account variety and financial institution routing range
2) Chargeable credit card
3) Authorities issued countrywide identification
4) Tax information
5) Contact number


What Is A Dealer Central Account?

Once you sign in as an amazon dealer, you’ll have to get admittance to your seller central account. Think of seller central as your cross-to aid for selling on amazon. It’s a portal for your amazon business and a one-prevent store for maintaining your promoting account, adding product statistics, making stock updates, managing bills, and finding helpful content material to help you navigate your amazon enterprise. It’s additionally in which you list all of your items.
Below are a simple few of the things you may do from vendor central.
Hold track of your stock and replace your listings from the stock tab Download custom business reviews and bookmark templates you use regularly Use patron metrics equipment to display your seller performance Contact selling accomplice assist and open assist tickets using the case log Hold track of your each day sales for all the products you sell on amazon

Listing Your First Product

To promote a product on amazon, you should first create a product listing. Both fit a current list (if someone else is already selling the equal item on amazon), or make a new listing (if you are the first or handiest dealer).
The specific way dealers add and list their items varies relying on their selling plan. To place it truly: dealers with the use of a professional dealer account have the choice of listing their products in massive batches using bulk uploading or inventory management with third-party systems, while person dealers list products separately.
What You Want To Begin Listing Products In maximum cases, merchandise should have a global trade item number (GTIN), inclusive of a UPC, an ISBN, or an EAN. Amazon uses these item ids to discover the precise item you’re selling. If you shape a list, you won’t want to provide a product id because it already exists. In case you’re including a product that’s new to Amazon, you can need to buy a UPC code or request an exemption.

In addition to product identification, here are a few of the crucial records that go into every product listing:

Product title
Item detail and bullet factors
Product snapshots
Seek terms and applicable key phrases
Deciding On the Proper Achievement Option

Service provider-fulfilled just approach you to save and deliver the merchandise at once to customers yourself. Amazon prices shipping charges based totally on the product category and delivery provider decides on with the aid of the patron, then passes the amount directly to you in the form of a shipping credit.
Set shipping rates practice to all merchandise offered with a man or woman plan, so it’s important to decide if you may nonetheless feed items profitably. Amazon’s purchase transport device will let you get a terrific deal on transport labels with amazon’s dependence on the community of shipping companions, deliver and verify your orders, and track your shipments

5 Essential Hacks for Boost eBay Sales in 2021!

5 Essential Hacks for Boosting EBay Sales in 2021

5 Essential Hacks for Boosting EBay Sales in 2021

There aren’t many online marketplaces within the world that could claim to approach nearly 175 million active consumers internationally – however, that’s how many buyers eBay noticed in only the first quarter of 2020.
Achieving even a fragment of this wide variety could be taken into consideration as a large achievement. Establishing a store is quite simple, however, in case you need to sell more on eBay you’ll require to focus on the information. To boost eBay sales, understanding what pushes a few stores to the top is fundamental. Plenty of it has to do with the way eBay’s search engine works.
EBay’s search engine helps clients discover the items that are maximum applicable to their search. Similar to Google’s search set of rules, the perfect method is kept secret to save manipulation. But, there are some tested techniques that might be regarded to impact rankings and power conversion.
Observe these tips to push your shop to the top of the search outcomes and boost your eBay sales today!


Commonly customers search for unique items on eBay . Think about what words people search for the most when they are looking for what you’re selling. Furthermore, make sure you research to look at a few common searches related to your items.

If you have three to five keywords, it’s crucial to utilize them in page titles, image alt tags, custom categories, Meta tags, and also in your store description. However, ignore the keyword spamming; it disobeys eBay’s policy.


If you’re a seller that gives good client service and quick shipping on a regular basis, you could be capable of becoming a top-rated seller of eBay.

In case you don’t meet the criteria then this is obviously something to aim for as it actually helps to boost your eBay sales. Top-rated sellers of eBay are entitled to various great advantages including greater visibility for your listings, while you use eBay labels discounts on shipping and 30$ credit towards your promoted listings every quarter.


Stores that can be active and provide new items on a current basis are rewarded. The set of rules favors sellers that are listing new items frequently, so retaining your listings fresh will assist you to grow your sales on eBay . Moreover, new objects display up at the top of the “time: newly listed” option on eBay’s search.

If you can’t list daily, use the scheduling feature and schedule products for those days you recognize you won’t have time.
There’s a workaround if you can’t upload new items to the listing regularly. End some modern listings that you’ve ready beforehand of time and launch them in a while. You could tweak them barely in order that they are no longer precisely similar to the previous one – virtually change a word in the title, or edit the description slightly.

The concern is to have as new content material as you can, as frequently as you can.


There’s more to creating a positive rating instead of obtaining loads of five-star reviews. You have also removed the negative one. Just like the previous factors, fast and powerful customer service goes an extended way to help. There will be events, but whilst you’ll be left a poor overview – it’s simply part of online retail. Maybe the wrong order was sent, perhaps the item broke in the post, or the client ought to even have left the review on the wrong product by chance!

The rate you are charged relies upon the item class in which your item was listed. It’s additionally imperative to take note of that dealer utilizing eBay managed payments will now need to incorporate sales tax in the final order cost while figuring their last worth expense.
In case you’ve been left a terrible review – don’t panic! You may eliminate poor remarks on eBay in some instances, or fix the state of affairs to inspire the purchaser to take it down themselves. If you may lessen your bad remarks, you’ll be surprised how a great deal it increases eBay sales


A strict return policy is quite a huge turnoff when you’re thinking about creating a buy. In case you purchase a sweater and you aren’t certain about the size, the chance you are taking in order to buy is huge. If it isn’t in shape, you might turn out to be dropping your cash.
EBay offers a money gain assurance for those objects that don’t come, are faulty or damaged, or don’t match the list. But outside of these circumstances, you as the seller can pick whether to provide returns or not.

While dealing with returns can be painful as a seller, it is also an essential evil: eBay will raise listings that provide a money-back strategy of 30 days or more. And it fined those that give the money back strategy of fewer than 30 days or also those that don’t make a return policy at all.

Being kind makes business sense, boosting the money-back strategy to something like 60 days is not likely to influence the number of returns, however, it’ll increase your sales

eBay Charges: How much Does It Require To Sell On eBay?

How to Build an eBay Seller Account?

eBay Charges: How much does it require to sell on eBay?

Completely understanding eBay expenses is a basic part of selling on the marketplace.
You have to realize precisely the amount you’re spending on stock, delivery, and eBay expenses to figure your net margin and to guarantee you’re making a healthy benefit.
Be that as it may, eBay charges can get somewhat complicated. A few expenses are charged pre-deal, others post-deal, and there are additional charges for optional additional items. On top of that, expenses vary for business venders and private dealers.
Try not to stress, this far-reaching manual for eBay expenses will assist you with making sense of how precisely much you’ll be charged

What types of eBay fees are there?

There are five different kinds of eBay fees, these are:
Store subscription fees
Insertion fees
Final value fees
Managed payment fees
Promoted listing fees
Take a look at each of these in detail, below

1. Store subscription fees

Pursuing a store is optional. Yet, eBay offers intends to suit infrequent sellers, directly through to enormous scope enterprises. It’s certainly worth considering in the event that you sell consistently.
In spite of the fact that subscriptions accompany a month to month charge, you can also exploit all the more free postings, littler expenses, just as certain devices to expand changes. The more you pay every month for your subscription, the littler your different charges will be.

2. Insertion fees

At the point when you list a thing on eBay, all venders are charged an insertion expense.
Private dealers and business sellers without an eBay store membership get 50 free postings for each month. These can be utilized to cover auction-style deals or fixed valued things. After this, they are generally charged a level expense of 35c per listing.
Your insertion charges are not discounted if your item doesn’t sell. Also, on the off chance that you re-list your item, it will be charged once more. Remember this, in case you’re utilizing ‘Acceptable until dropped’ listings which restore naturally consistently.

3. Final value fees

When a thing is sold, sellers pay a last worth charge. As opposed to a level expense, eBay charges a level of the item’s final sale cost – this includes the expense of the item, just as some other delivery and packaging charges added to the deal.
The rate you are charged relies upon the item class in which your item was listed. It’s additionally imperative to take note of that dealer utilizing eBay managed payments will now need to incorporate sales tax in the final order cost while figuring their last worth expense.
When a deal is concluded, eBay charges your account. However, in circumstances where the purchaser doesn’t pay, you can have the last value charge discounted by opening an unpaid thing case in the eBay Resolution Center.

4. eBay managed payment fees

Just as expanded last value expenses and a 30c charge on each order, charges for eBay managed payments may also include: • International fees: 1.65% is charged on orders you send outside of the US.
• Currency conversion charge: If you sell on an eBay site with money that is distinctive to your payout money, eBay‘s exchange swapping scale incorporates a charge of 3%.

5. Promoted listings fees

eBay promoted listings are supplemental assistance which can assist you with boosting the visibility of your items and increment deals.
The amount it costs is up to you. Like with definite worth expenses, the expense of promoted listings depends on the final sale cost. Sellers can offer 1-20% of every deal.

How to Build an eBay Seller Account?

How to Build an eBay Seller Account?

How to build an eBay seller account?

Need to sell online for trade? eBay is the best spot to do this! Here you will discover:
An overall network of in excess of 174 million customers
Rich offering the executives functionality and helpful tools to build deals
Transparent expenses
Russian-talking support

How to register for an eBay account

If you previously have an eBay account, you can avoid this step. Whether you don’t have an account, then it’s time to build one right now. Step-by-step instructions:
1. Go to eBay.com
2. Choose register and click on it
3. You’ll be redirected to the registration page – it opens in a new window or tab
You can build an eBay account in different ways:
1. By filling in the registration form 2. By utilizing the Facebook account 3. By utilizing Google account
You require to follow some simple rules when filling in the registration form:
1. Fill in the form using the Latin alphabet. 2. Utilize your current email address. 3. Keep in mind or write down the password you utilize during registration. Do not transfer the password to anyone.
4. Click the create account button.

Confirming Personal Information

At one of the stages, the registration system may question you to confirm your phone number using a form. To do this, you require to enter pin code in a specific field.
You can obtain the PIN code in two ways:
• By SMS to the specified phone number
• By call to the specified number
Enter the security code and choose to continue to finish updating your settings.
Your eBay seller account has been building. We advise you to establish it in the right way. You should be:
• Add a payment process to pay for any eBay selling fees or charges
• Link your eBay account.

Two types of eBay seller accounts

There are two kinds of eBay seller accounts:
• Personal
• Business

Creating the Automatic Payment Method to Pay for any eBay Selling Fees or Charges

On this page, you can select the automatic payment method.
The best payment approach is PayPal. So you can achieve paid for the goods and pay charges from the same account.
If you select to pay by PayPal, you’ll be redirected to the PayPal website the complete the method. Whether you already have an account, after logging into the PayPal website, you will be asked to confirm the selected payment processor.
Whether you don’t have an account yet, you should to be registered and confirm the selected payment processor. Keep in mind that you can always change the payment processor to make a one-time payment.
It is crucial! When you change your account type, you require to change the eBay fees payment process, because the Business Account does not permit you to pay fees via PayPal.

Verified PayPal account

Whether your PayPal account is marked as unverified, you may have problems with eBay, or you may be a fraud victim. To prevent such problems, you will require to confirm your identity and attain verified PayPal account status. To begin the verification method, go to the Account tab> PayPal account.
After the successful completion of the verification method, you will see a status alter the message on my eBay