By choosing to sell on eBay, you have expanded your customer count, potentially, to about 138 million active buyers around the world. To picture this number more clearly, the UK has a population of about 68 million. eBay has twice that number of buyers. If you want to be a part of the e-commerce sellers who found success on eBay, then you must consider eBay advertisements. While eBay has a large customer base, it also boasts a significant number of competitive sellers. There are an estimated 1.7 billion listings on eBay as of 2022. That is many times the number of buyers. A frightful prospect for hopeful sellers. Conducting an effective eBay advertising campaign can bring your products to the top generating more sales.

    There are many ways to gain sales on eBay. eBay advertising campaign is one such route.

    What is eBay Advertising?

    eBay ads increase product visibility. On a website with hundreds of millions of product listings per product, competition is tough. eBay ads can get you that coveted top spot.

    Why Use eBay Advertising?

    It has been estimated that 75% of searchers do not go beyond the first results page. Moreover, consider the information that the first result on the first search page gets about 28.5% of all clicks while the second result only gets about 15% of the clicks. The disparity in clicks is so vast (almost half the clicks!) from just the first to the second result, that the number of clicks on the second page doesn’t even bear thinking about.

    Let me do the math for you: 43.5% of clicks go to the first two results leaving about 57% of all clicks for the rest of the results. Those are not good odds.

    Thus sellers turn to paid eBay advertising services to get that traffic in.

    With eBay ads, you can get your product and brand displayed prominently in an optimum spot.

    Although efficient SEO can get you there and bring in organic traffic, it takes time and strategic marketing. With eBay ads, you have the advantage of bypassing it all. For example, if you sell Christmas decor, you can launch an eBay advertising campaign during the month of December – peak business hours, when most Christmas decor shopping happens. The probability of clicks increases significantly and buyers will chance upon your brand often. This has the double benefit of increasing sales during the most lucrative business month and promoting brand awareness. 

    Types of eBay Ads

    There are three types of eBay ads. Website display ads promoted listings and classified ads.


    Promoted Listings

    Promoted listings are the most utilized advertising method on eBay. Get your listings on top of your competitors. Promoted listings ensure your products are listed at the very top of search results pages increasing product visibility and sales. The number of additional sales your promoted listing pulls in depends on how competitive your product category is.

    However, not all sellers can use promoted listings. eBay has a high standard and thus imposes certain requirements for eligibility. The seller must:

    • Have a good track record with eBay.
    • Be an Above Standard or Top Rated seller
    • Be active on eBay – have had recent sales, etc.

    Promoted listings do not apply to eBay auctions and can only be used for fixed-price items. They are also excluded from certain product categories such as vehicles and real estate.

    Promoted listings are broken down further into Standard, Advanced, and Express and you can choose according to your individual business needs

    Display Ads

    Display ads stand apart from the usual ads on SERPs. It looks like a banner on the top or side of the homepage and SERPs. They stand out due to their distinctive appearance with very colorful and digitally designed visuals. Sometimes, they will have interaction points with actions integrated into the ad. Upon opening the eBay webpage or searching for a keyword, a buyer’s attention will first go to the vibrant and unique display ad, and then they will look at the listings. Display ads do bring in clicks but not at a rate comparable to the promoted listings eBay services. Its inimitable advantage lies in building brand awareness and product visibility. Display ads have a high reach and pave the way for future sales.


    Display ads have a hefty price tag and are mostly used by well-established businesses. They are not available through the seller hub ad services and require you to get in touch directly with eBay.

    Classified Ads

    This eBay service is different from the other two because the business will happen off-site.

    With classified ads, you can list an item on eBay. Interested buyers will contact you and you will finalize the sale outside of the platform, just the buyer and the seller with nothing more from eBay. With this type of ad, eBay acts much like a typical classified ad in the newspaper.

    Here the seller will not have any access to the eBay services customary to sellers such as customer feedback or fulfillment follow-ups. The duration of a classified ad is set at 30 days. If you wish to display your ad for a longer period, you must renew it every month.

    Optimize Your Listings for eBay Ads

    Your eBay Advertising Campaign may reach millions of buyers, but if your listing is poorly done, then you won’t get a profitable return on investment.

    Relevant Keywords

    Your eBay Advertising Campaign may reach millions of buyers, but if your listing is poorly done, then you won’t get a profitable return on investment.

    The keywords you use in your text are the labels the search engine uses to sort your product and learn about its identity. The more relevant keywords your text contains the more likely your product is to be listed under the relevant search queries.

    The title is the first thing that will give information about your product to your potential buyer. Include brand names, model numbers, and, if applicable, color, when naming your product.

    The item specifics and description boxes are also looked at when pulling up results for searches. Include keywords, key phrases, and product description that is relevant to your product. Use bullet points and concise language while embedding keywords within your text.

    Optimize Your Listing

    By tweaking certain details about your listing, you can get your product to move up on SERPs. Machine learning and search engine algorithms filter listings according to certain factors. Price, free shipping, fast handling, and seller rating are a few examples. So reaching a middle ground with the factors used by the eBay search engine can help move your listing up.

    High-Quality Photos

    Search engines are very advanced. They will filter your listings according to the information provided by the seller but it will also go beyond that to filter the listings according to performance. If your product did not advertise effectively, that is, a buyer clicked on your product but did not make a purchase or left quickly, your product rating will go down in the SERPs. eBay will make note of this and will ignore your listing when choosing to promote.

    Poor product photos are the main reason buyers leave a page within the first 5 seconds. Images are also one of the biggest points of engagement for customers. High-quality images increase your sales potential by 9%. Use high-quality product photos to increase conversion rate.


    eBay advertising campaigns are easy to implement and quick to show returns – provided you optimize your listings. They provide a window of opportunity for those sellers who have not organically reached the top spot. It can open up your brand to your specific target audience, increasing awareness within your chosen clientele.

    As with anything business-related, there is a lot of competition. eBay ads can get your product out there but you need to manipulate your listing to stand out amongst the crowd if you want to finalize sales.

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