How to Self Publish on Amazon as an Author?

Discover how to self-publish your book on Amazon with this step-by-step guide. From manuscript preparation to marketing strategies, learn how to successfully navigate the self-publishing process and reach a wide audience of readers. Start your self-publishing journey today!


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How to Self Publish on Amazon as an Author

Are you an aspiring author looking to get your work out into the world?

Self-publishing on Amazon can be an excellent option for reaching a wide audience and getting your book into the hands of readers.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of self-publishing on Amazon as an author.

From preparing your manuscript to marketing your book, we’ll cover everything you need to know to navigate the world of self-publishing successfully.

Preparing Your Manuscript:

Before you can publish your book on Amazon, you’ll need to ensure that your manuscript is properly formatted and ready for publication.

Here are some key steps to take:

  • Formatting Your Manuscript: Make sure your manuscript is properly formatted according to Amazon’s guidelines. This includes setting the correct margins, font size, and spacing.
  • Editing and Proofreading: Before publishing your book, it’s crucial to thoroughly edit and proofread your manuscript to ensure it’s free of errors and typos.

Once you’ve prepared your manuscript, you’re ready to move on to the next steps in the self-publishing process.

Creating Your Amazon KDP Account:

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the platform that allows authors to self-publish their books on Amazon.

Here’s how to create your KDP account and get started:

  • Signing Up for KDP: Visit the Amazon KDP website and sign up for a free account using your Amazon credentials.
  • Entering Your Book Details: Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to enter details about your book, including the title, author name, and book description.

After creating your KDP account and entering your book details, you can proceed to upload your manuscript and cover design.

Uploading Your Manuscript and Cover Design:

  • Uploading Your Manuscript: Use the KDP dashboard to upload your formatted manuscript in either .doc or .pdf format. Amazon will automatically convert your manuscript into an ebook format for Kindle devices.
  • Designing Your Cover: Create or upload a cover design for your book using Amazon’s Cover Creator tool or hire a professional designer to create a custom cover.

Once you’ve uploaded your manuscript and cover design, you can set your book’s pricing and distribution options.

Setting Your Book’s Pricing and Distribution:

  • Choosing Your Pricing: Decide on the price for your ebook and select whether you want to enroll your book in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program.
  • Selecting Distribution Channels: Choose whether you want to distribute your ebook exclusively on Amazon or make it available on other platforms as well.

After setting your book’s pricing and distribution options, you’re ready to publish your book on Amazon.

Publishing Your Book:

  • Reviewing Your Book Details: Before publishing your book, carefully review all the details you’ve entered, including the title, author name, and book description.
  • Clicking Publish: Once you’re satisfied with everything, click the “Publish” button to make your book available for sale on Amazon.

Congratulations! Your book is now live and available for purchase on Amazon’s website.

But the work doesn’t stop there – you’ll need to market your book to attract readers and drive sales.

Marketing Your Book:

  • Utilizing Amazon Marketing Services: Consider using Amazon’s advertising platform to promote your book to potential readers.
  • Building an Author Platform: Create a website and social media profiles to connect with your readers and build a loyal fan base.
  • Seeking Reviews: Encourage readers to leave reviews of your book on Amazon to help boost its visibility and credibility.

By implementing these marketing strategies, you can increase the visibility of your book and attract more readers.


Self-publishing on Amazon offers a unique opportunity for authors to share their work with the world without the need for traditional publishing channels. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can successfully navigate the self-publishing process and make your book available to a wide audience of readers. So what are you waiting for? Start your self-publishing journey on Amazon today!

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