What To Do Next If Your Amazon Seller Account Got Terminated

Discover what steps to take if your Amazon seller account gets terminated. Learn how to assess the damage, contact Amazon Seller Support, craft a plan of action, appeal the decision, and seek professional help to reinstate your account.


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What To Do Next If Your Amazon Seller Account Got Terminated

If you’re an Amazon seller, having your account terminated can be a nightmare scenario.

Whether it’s due to policy violations, poor performance metrics, or other reasons, finding your Amazon seller account terminated can be a devastating blow to your business.

However, all is not lost. In this guide, we’ll explore what steps you can take if your Amazon seller account gets terminated, and how you can work towards reinstatement.

Understanding the Reasons Behind Termination

The first step in dealing with a terminated Amazon seller account is understanding why it happened. Amazon typically terminates seller accounts for violations of its policies, including:

  • Selling counterfeit or inauthentic products.
  • Violating intellectual property rights.
  • Poor performance metrics, such as high order defect rates or late shipments.
  • Violating Amazon’s review policies, such as incentivized reviews or review manipulation.
  • Selling restricted products.

If your account has been terminated, it’s crucial to review the communication from Amazon carefully to understand the specific reasons behind the action.

Assessing the Damage

Once you understand why your Amazon seller account was terminated, the next step is to assess the damage to your business. Consider:

  • The impact on your revenue and cash flow.
  • Whether you have inventory stored in Amazon’s warehouses.
  • The effect on your brand reputation and customer trust.
  • Any outstanding orders or customer inquiries that need to be addressed.

By understanding the full extent of the consequences, you can better formulate a plan for moving forward.

Contacting Amazon Seller Support

One of the first things you should do after your Amazon seller account is terminated is to contact Amazon Seller Support.

You can do this through the “Help” section of your seller account or by emailing seller-performance@amazon.com.

Be sure to provide all relevant information, including your seller ID and any documentation related to your case.

When contacting Amazon Seller Support, remain professional and polite. Clearly explain your situation and any steps you’ve taken to address the issues that led to the termination.

While it’s essential to advocate for yourself, being aggressive or confrontational is unlikely to yield positive results.

Crafting a Plan of Action

In many cases, Amazon will require you to submit a plan of action outlining the steps you’ll take to prevent future policy violations and ensure compliance with their guidelines.

Your plan of action should be thorough, specific, and actionable. Here are some key elements to include:

  • A detailed explanation of the violations that led to the termination.
  • Specific steps you’ve taken to address the issues, such as removing problematic listings or improving quality control processes.
  • Measures you’ll implement to prevent similar violations in the future, such as employee training or enhanced monitoring procedures.
  • A timeline for implementing these changes and monitoring their effectiveness.

Be honest and transparent in your plan of action, and demonstrate a genuine commitment to compliance with Amazon’s policies.

Appealing the Decision

If your initial attempts to resolve the issue with Amazon Seller Support are unsuccessful, you may need to escalate your case by filing an appeal.

Appeals can be submitted through your seller account or by email and should include:

  • A concise summary of your case and the reasons for your appeal.
  • Any new information or evidence that supports your position?
  • A restatement of your commitment to complying with Amazon’s policies and a willingness to work with them to resolve the issue.

Again, remain professional and courteous in your communications, even if you feel frustrated or unfairly treated.

Seeking Professional Help

If you’re struggling to navigate the process of reinstating your Amazon seller account on your own, consider seeking professional help.

Some many consultants and firms specialize in helping Amazon sellers with account reinstatement issues.

These professionals can provide expert guidance, draft effective appeals, and plans of action, and advocate on your behalf with Amazon Seller Support.

Before hiring a consultant, be sure to research their credentials and reputation, and ask for references from satisfied clients.

Moving Forward

Regardless of the outcome of your efforts to reinstate your Amazon seller account, it’s essential to keep moving forward.

If your account is reinstated, take proactive steps to prevent future issues and build a strong, sustainable business on the platform.

If your appeal is unsuccessful, consider alternative sales channels or business opportunities.

Remember that setbacks are a natural part of entrepreneurship, and resilience and perseverance are key traits of successful business owners.


Having your Amazon seller account terminated can be a challenging experience, but it’s not the end of the road. By understanding the reasons behind the termination, contacting Amazon Seller Support, crafting a thorough plan of action, and seeking professional help if needed, you can increase your chances of reinstatement. Regardless of the outcome, stay focused on moving forward and building a successful business.

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